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TrainingAll too often training is thought of as a luxury, not a necessity. It has been our experience that the main reason for information systems and office automation failures and/or problems, is that the human resources factor(s), one of the most important of which is training, have not been properly considered or addressed. Training and support is something that is needed in all sizes and at all levels of organizations.

Courses can be customized on an individualized basis for one or two students, or for a larger classroom situation in-house. Course notes and handouts will augment our training, while our clients have continued hot-line telephone support to ease them throughout their transition period.

Our experienced instructors and consultants can often train several staff for less than the cost of one person attending a general course.

We can provide the training you need:

  • Including Microsoft Office software and Operating Systems
  • Plus our Instructors are trained in Adult Education principles

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